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Running the rule

Updated: May 24

After the coronation, with its glut

of purloined gold and gems

and bizarre re-enactment of relics

from the glory days of Empire

I walk the steep wet paths of Central Park

through punga and kawakawa,

peppered here with grey sprayed gorse

ti kouka and manuka, and

here a small colony of big pines,

a beneficence of shed needles

smothering the muddy track

and on past

No Skateboarding

Absolutely Positively Wellington

I drift to the still held Star of Africa

the Elgin Marbles

exhibitions of taonga tuku iho

tupuna parts as trophies

and a shared YouTube clip

of a stadium of Celtic football fans

lustily singing to a traditional tune,

You can shove your coronation up your arse.

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